Timber, Aluminium and Composite architectural Ceilings

Timber ceilings

Timber ceilings come in an array of different finishes, Solid panels, timber beams, perforated, fractured panels, express joint panelling are just a few key systems and designs that EXZO have supplied and installed.  There is no limit to what we can create or install.




Aluminium Ceilings

Aluminium finishes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, whether it be aluminium tube constructed into a ceiling system or flat panels of aluminium sheets. Exzo can supply and install anything from perforated panel sheets, express joint panels, aluminium battens or simple aluminium drop in ceiling panels into and standard grid we can deliver. We have designed and manufactured individual ceilings for clients to meet a variety of needs and design intent expectations.

Solid architectural beams

If you need an old-world large format beam or a contemporary solid beam installation, we can deliver. EXZO have access to suppliers who can supply a variety of timber species to meet client expectations. We can supply and install structural beams that need to look great but also support the structure. If it’s just an architectural look your after in a cluster of timber beams in smaller sizes, we do that too. Any species in just about any size.

Composite Ceilings

Think Composite it's not just aluminium! We have put together a variety of different ceiling systems over the years, from fibreglass to plasterglass and a combination of both. Compressed foam, apolic, plastic moulds to PVC stretch ceiling systems.