Feature Architectural Wall Installations

Decorative Timber walls and features

We can supply and install timber walls and features that need to look great but also support the structure. With access to suppliers who can provide a variety of timber species to meet client expectations our team at EXZO can help you create a design that will shape the identity of your commercial, office or institutional project.


Exterior and interior architectural and decorative panelling

EXZO offers an extensive range of interior and exterior panelling designs. From wood cladding to urban panels high gloss painted feature panels you’ll be able to appreciate appearance combined with durability and premium weather resistance.  

Customised Metal features

We can design and manufacture individual metal wall features, panels, preformed corners and flashings with metals such as aluminium and stainless steel to meet a variety of needs and design expectations. Our team of experts at EXZO can work with you to develop that special masterpiece for your project. The sky’s the limit!