Specialised Acoustic Installations


Decorative acoustic panels

At EXZO we can collaborate with you to design high end decorative acoustic custom reflective, diffusive and absorptive panels that provide reverberation control and optimal acoustics without sacrificing your design aesthetics. We have relationships with a range of national and international suppliers who can custom manufacture almost any shape, colour or design in rigid absorptive panels.

Customised acoustic feature wall and ceiling

With access to a wide range of products EXZO can tailor a subtle or feature design large or small for your application guaranteed to enhance acoustic performance. From decorative acoustic fins acoustic wall, and ceiling panel systems with options designed to target sound absorption our team can help you shape the identity of your commercial, office or institutional project.


Acoustic Insulation

If acoustic insulation in the roofing, walls, ceilings, under slab and under soffit applications is what you need for your project, EXZO can help deliver a range of products that not only enhance noise control but also fire protection, energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our team can work with you to pick the insulation that’s right for you.

Acoustical Partitioning

From reducing echo’s or dividing an open space without having to commit to remodelling, customised acoustic partitions would be an excellent option to cut background noise, reduce echo and increase privacy. Our team at EXZO can fit an acoustic partitioning that meets your colour, texture, image or artwork of your choosing.